State of Maryland Contract Site

Ordering Instructions


All Purchase Orders under this Contract will be written to Canon via the below address. POs cannot be sent to Dealers in the Dealer's name:

Canon U.S.A. Inc.
4100 N. Fairfax Drive Ste. 200
Arlington, VA 22203

Each Purchase Order from a Purchasing Entity must contain the following:

  1. NASPO Valuepoint Contract #140595
  2. Ordering contact name, address, phone number & email
  3. Itemized list of ordered items with pricing and applicable service charges, including Service Program selected and Cost Per Copy (CPC) rates if applicable
  4. If leased, type of lease, monthly payment amount, and lease term
  5. The NASPO MD Contract/BPO Number: 001B0600225
  6. If leased, it should reference the CFS remit address but with CUSA's name. See "Payments" section below.

Order Submission:

Purchases / Service on purchased equipment:
Submit by e‐mail to to begin processing.

Submit PO referencing the lease (no additional lease documents should be included) along with the CFS worksheet to CFS for processing.


All Payments will be made to Canon. Dealers cannot invoice customers directly under this contract:

Purchases Remit address:
Canon U.S.A.,, Inc.
PO Box 841023
Dallas, TX 75284‐1023

Leases Remit address:
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
14904 Collections Center Dr.
Chicago, IL 60693